20, Rue Labrouste 75015 Paris, France +33 661364927

3DLIZED is a producer of 2D and 3D-stereoscopic contents for digital cinema, television and for PDA

Founded in 2007, “3DLized” addresses the market of high quality production of 2D and 3D contents. “3DLized” has already produced more than 50 hours of contents these last 3 years and owns a catalogue of 3D and 2D HD videos capturing circus acrobatic acts and Cabaret style floor shows.

“3DLized” creates its 3D content taking the visual comfort seriously into account. “3DLized” is an active partner of medical research projects specializing in studying, analyzing, and potentially reducing the 3D side effects. The new 3D format must be a new media with wide potential and opportunities of immersion and astonishing sensation for the audience instead of a potential source of migraine and discomfort.

Besides producing S3D content, “3DLized” is also specialized in converting any flat (2D) movies such as Commercials, old movies, IMAX and large screen content into stereoscopic (S3D) version.

“3DLized”has built over the last 3 years a high technical expertise addressing the requirements of theatrical content (D-Cinema) by providing a unique combination of high-level eye comfort and immersive effects. Currently, we are also undertaking deep developments into S3D storyboarding, S3D grammar and proprietary tools for productions and post-productions pertaining to S3D reconstruction and visualization techniques.