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Content Download

This page proposes a new way of consuming 3D content on demand and will  evolve rapidly in the near future. 3DLized is proud to announce the download of its famous character that has a strong and qualitative 3D effects. This content is used in every cinema in order to test the 3D glasses before watching a 3D content.

A version in a TV format (top-down and side by side) is available for anyone who wants to test the quality of a 3D TV. This content is available at the price of 3,5 euros. A detailed method is included in this content in order to help you visualizing it on any 3D TV. This method will assist you to check your TV or to compare various 3DTV in your favorite shop.

Cinema can load this DCP format for the price of 10 euros.

Other contents  will be available soon on this page for 3D-Cinema, 3DTV, 3D PC, and 3DS-Nintendo. All of these contents will also be available in 2D.

Fitou Video 3D Test

03:60 15,5 Mb 1280*1024 No
Info: This is a set of Motion Templates for Apple MOTION 5 and FCPX. Videos on the DropZones not included. Music used for presentation only and not included Royalty Free Music by Premiumbeat.com Music Used:
Download TV Format (top-down) 3.50 €
Download DCP Format (cinema) 10.5 €