20, Rue Labrouste 75015 Paris, France +33 661364927

“3DLized” is a producer of 2D and 3D-stereoscopic contents for digital cinema, television and for PDA

These last two years “3DLized” has been pleased to show several last creations in the domains of circus involving very talented artists working in well known musicals such as Dracula — Kamel Ouali- , Adam & Eve or Tarzan from Disney. “3DLized” has also worked closely with the circus Arlette Gruss and the dancers from the Crazy Horse.

Our artistic object is to offer an innovative experience to the audience by showing novel point of views that spectators couldn’t have experienced being seated in a circus, by sharing the feeling of speed and height of artists that put their life in danger every time they perform their acrobatic acts. We like to show the point of view of the artist to the audience thanks to the immersive aspect of the 3D format. We shot risky sequences by placing cameras inside cages of wild animals in order to offer a sensation of proximity and dazzle the children's imagination. For life shows, we want to present a complementary experience in addition to the real performance. 3D is not used as a special effect but for immersion of the audience in the world of the show.

Programs currently available:
— 15 x 4 minutes movies of circus (format available: 3D and 2D)
— 90 minutes documentary about circus life (available in 3D and 2D as of July 2012)
— 10 x 2 minutes videos of cabaret (format available: 3D and 2D)

Coming soon:
— 90 minutes: feature film about circus (format 3D and 2D, TV and cinema in January of 2013)
— 20 x 2 minutes cabaret video extensions (format available: 3D and 2D in September 2013)