20, Rue Labrouste 75015 Paris, France +33 661364927

“3DLized” is a producer of 2D and 3D-stereoscopic contents for digital cinema, television and for PDA

3DLized” is equipped of its own 3D cameras and 3D rigs for shooting 2D and 3D content. Several years of experience makes us efficient on shootings which is this only possibility to reduce costs on 3D content creation in particular. 3D grammar and technical details are not the concern of our customer, we can then offer movie creation on demand.

Computer Graphic Images:
3DLized” has invested on a render farm in order to offer flexibility in creation of CG images. Having a computing power is a key to generate high quality content implying intensive computation. In 3D-Stereoscopy, merging CG images and 3D shot images is a real technical challenge in term of complexity and visual comfort. “3DLized”is strongly active in research project in order to offer qualitative and comfortable contents. Human vision system has very narrow tolerance in term of comfort for 3D content, this is why our storyboarding is taking all of that into account in order to offer the best 3D experience as possible for the audience.

2D-3D conversion:
3DLized” has developed its own tools and workflow for converting existing 2D content into 3D-stereoscopic images. Volume and depth are generated to make the 3D conversion qualitative and comfortable. Our artistic approach of the 2D-3D conversion makes this technology a good alternative solution to create 3D content from 2D elements when shooting in 3D is too complex or not appropriate. This is also a solution to give a second life to a feature film or documentary using the 3D format to enforce the emotions. “3DLized” is currently facing real artistic and technical challenges to satisfy very talented directors such as Jean-Pierre Jeunet (tests on Amélie Poulain) and Luc Jacquet (“La marche de l’empereur”). “3DLized” is an active actor in research and development on the domain of conversion and visual comfort studies.